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About Lutheran Knolls

Lutheran Knolls, Lutheran Knolls North, and Lutheran Knolls West apartments are part of an independent-living community located in Delaware County in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania.

Lutheran Knolls, Lutheran Knolls North, and Lutheran Knolls West are financed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), with federal funding provided under HUD’s Section 8 Housing Assistance Program to help tenants meet their housing needs.

Lutheran Knolls, Lutheran Knolls North, and Lutheran Knolls West are equipped with individual heating and air conditioning which can be controlled by tenants according to their individual needs.

Ten of the units in Lutheran Knolls, 6 units in Lutheran Knolls North, and 4 units in Lutheran Knolls West have been especially designed to meet the requirements of mobility impaired accessibility.

Many factors contribute to make the Lutheran Knolls Community a pleasant living experience. There are very active Residents' Associations that sponsor numerous activities including: Arts and Crafts, Ceramics, Bingo, Bible Study, Holiday Festivities, Exercise Classes, and Movie Nights to name a few. These programs are very well attended.

We invite you to visit the Lutheran Knolls community and would be happy to answer your questions to provide you with additional information about our community.

Our History

Bethesda House Corporation was established by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod of the Lutheran Church in America, for the purpose of custodial and operating management of the assets bequeathed to the Synod by Charlotte A. Ragotzky’s last will and testament.

The assets of the legacy consisted of a house in Collingdale, Delaware County, securities and cash funds, and rights to income portions of certain trust funds. Miss Ragotzky’s wish was to establish a nursing or convalescent home in Delaware County for females and the income of her estate to be used to maintain the facility. The Collingdale Property was sold and another suitable property was acquired in Media during the 1950’s. The Media site was home to about fifty elderly women during its operation through 1971.

In 1971, due to economic conditions, extensive repairs and renovations required by various agencies, it was necessary to close the home and transfer the residents to other care facilities. The property was sold and the proceeds and other cash funds were placed in custodial accounts maintained by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod.

From the closing of the Media facility through various alternative uses of their funds, it was decided to provide low-income housing for the elderly and mobility impaired. In 1981, ground was purchased in Boothwyn, Delaware County. Construction of Lutheran Knolls began in 1982.

In February 1983 the Bethesda House Corporation opened the doors to its 100-unit, independent living housing community, Lutheran Knolls. Located in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania, Lutheran Knolls serves the elderly and mobility-impaired.

Due to the overwhelming response to Lutheran Knolls, Bethesda House Corporation added Lutheran Knolls North in 1991. A 60 unit facility, Lutheran Knolls North also provided affordable housing for the elderly and mobility impaired.

In March of 1995, Lutheran Knolls West offered 60 additional affordable apartment homes exclusively for the elderly. The new three-story facility was made possible by a HUD grant. Residents of this new building also receive Section 8 subsidies.

Lutheran Knolls is a great place to live, not only for the financial reasons, but the staff who work here are so wonderful. The maintenance team is always helpful and friendly. The residents here have so many activities, from weekly activities to bingo and bible study. There's a mini bus that takes us to the bank and store and shopping malls. I've been here 8 years and it was a great decision. I have many friends here and even met my fiancé just over a year ago. I can’t say enough good things about Lutheran Knolls.